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What does innovation mean to Ericsson and how does it impact your business strategy?

Innovation is at the very core of everything Ericsson does. With an annual investment of billions of USD and nearly 140 years of work in research and development, Ericsson continues to be at the forefront of mobile technology’s most significant advancements. We view innovation as an attitude, a process and an outcome.

How do you encourage and instill a culture of innovation within your organization?

Innovation is the very essence and keystone of our product and service offerings. Our ICT innovation and development not only benefits our customers—it also brings the benefits of a connected society to the entire world, from the busiest cities to the most remote parts of the world. It is this vision of the Networked Society, where mobile technology works everywhere and for everyone, that our people are working towards every day.

What is it like to lead one of the world's top 100 most innovative companies?

It is a truly exciting and ever-changing experience. I feel immense pride and joy to work for a company like Ericsson, alongside all the talented innovators who work here. Since the dawn of telecommunications, Ericsson has put enormous time and effort into collaborating with others to set the open standards that make global communications and connections possible, with a firm belief that interoperability and enabling end-to-end performance is key to leading innovation in the information and telecom industry. To continue to advance technology, patents play an active role through standardization and licensing and with one of the strongest patent portfolios in mobile communications, Ericsson is a key driver of open innovation. Without this open innovation, many of the advances in mobile communications that we have come to rely on simply would not have been possible.

What do you consider to be your most innovative assets?

Our people and their innovative ideas are the reason we can be a driving force in technology research and innovation. Ericsson’s heritage of invention, depth of engineering resources, and commitment to creating a positive legacy for future generations means that throughout Ericsson, we work to a higher level of innovation, research and development. Behind this all stands Ericsson’s global team of 118,000 employees.