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What does innovation mean to Marvell and how does it impact your business strategy?

Marvell has a rich history of leadership in semiconductor innovation, and innovation remains one of the core values of our company. Innovation means many things to Marvell but at the heart of it, we continue to have a steadfast focus on advancing the global semiconductor industry with cutting-edge technologies and solutions. In collaboration with our service provider and OEM customers, we are dedicated to helping them bring new electronic systems and devices to market that ultimately improve the lives of consumers around the world.

Marvell continues to make significant investment in R&D with international design centers located across the globe, and this investment remains a very important component of our business strategy. We continuously strive to raise the technology bar by improving our existing products and developing new products based on our broad intellectual property portfolio that deliver cost-effective solutions for both existing and new markets. Marvell has experienced a solid success rate of transitioning ideas into products that then have ultimately converted into business and customer wins for the company. For this reason, our customers view us as innovative and are keen to form long-term partnerships with us.

How do you encourage and instill a culture of innovation within your organization?

The culture of innovation at Marvell starts from the top and permeates throughout the company. Marvell Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Sehat Sutardja has been awarded more than 360 patents. His zeal for building, inventing and designing ICs and systems as well as continuing to push the boundaries filters throughout the company, and has established a culture of innovation at Marvell that celebrates engineering successes and promotes looking outside the box to solve challenges. Every patent starts with just an idea, and ideas are encouraged at all levels of the organization.

We have a program at the company that includes a process and support for the filing of patents; education and training throughout the year to raise awareness and encourage contributions; as well as patent awards to honor our employees’ successes. In addition, whenever the product design process is started at the company, innovation criteria are evaluated first and foremost. Innovation remains top of mind in all we do.

What is it like to lead one of the world's top 100 most innovative companies?

It is an exhilarating time for Marvell technology, and I could not be more excited to be part of it. We have just recently announced products based on our Final-Level Cache (FLC) and modular chip or MoChi™ architectures. These approaches are poised to revolutionize the way next-generation electronic devices and semiconductors are designed and built, coming at a critical crossroads for an industry facing very complex design challenges and ever-changing market demands, and a world in desperate need of methods that decrease energy consumption. Both architectures represent a radical departure from the current convention, and offer a means whereby this approach can drastically reduce system cost and power consumption of devices, and enable affordable devices for the masses.

For me personally, it is very exciting to be part of an organization that lives and breathes innovation every day — and this extends far beyond the inventing of new products and technology. From our CEO to our executive leadership and senior management positions to individual contributors, we all learn multiple new things daily from each other and our peers. Innovation does not happen in a vacuum but through the sharing, collaborating and exchanging of ideas across all levels of the organization.

What do you consider to be your most innovative assets?

Our people are Marvell’s most innovative assets. We have a broad intellectual property portfolio; our patent number at this time is approaching 6,000. This has only happened because of the innovative ideas that our people come up with. We pride ourselves on bringing together world-class engineering talent with extensive experience in the areas of mixed-signal circuit design, digital signal processing, embedded microprocessors, CMOS technology and system-level architectures. It is the dedication and commitment of our engineering teams that have resulted in the development of groundbreaking technologies that have helped our company capture leading market share positions in storage, wireless, cloud services and infrastructure, and printer silicon solutions.