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What does innovation mean to your company and how does it impact your business strategy?

Technological innovation is central to all our activities. IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) is a research organization focused on innovation in the fields of energy, transport and the environment. Our objectives are to overcome scientific and technological barriers in order to develop innovations that can be used by the industry to create wealth and jobs and to promote the emergence of a sustainable energy mix. Our innovation model is underpinned by dual know-how: strong knowledge of the market needs and scientific approach of the highest level. Beyond science, we take into account the economic, societal and environmental constraints associated with the development of any innovation.

How do you encourage and instill a culture of innovation within your organization?

The innovation culture is part of the DNA of IFPEN. One of IFPEN’s strengths is our capacity to anticipate innovation needs. A permanent, forward-looking approach is used to identify the technologies that we should target as a priority. This approach is based first on fundamental research designed to increase our knowledge. In addition, an internal incubation system promotes the emergence of breakthrough ideas that may give rise to state-of-the-art research programs. We have also set up "innovation units" in order to pool multidisciplinary teams, technical, commercial and marketing experts, for a few months and work with industrial players to fine-tune the potential of innovative ideas. Because we are convinced that pooling know-how and creating synergies accelerates the innovation process, we are involved in strategic partnerships with academia and industry. Patent filing is a also a key component of IFPEN's strategy, not only in terms of protecting the results of its R&D work, but also to enable technology transfer.

What is it like to lead one of the world's top 100 most innovative companies?

For IFPEN, being ranked in the top 100 most innovative companies in the world for the fifth time round is an international recognition for all the work done to find innovative solutions to the major challenges associated with the energy transition. I speak for everyone at IFPEN who made these results possible when I say we are extremely proud. But our rank also stimulates us for the future. It stimulates us to continue to innovate in order to promote the development of low-carbon solutions and the creation of new green industrial sectors, to meet societal demand, to boost industrial competitiveness and stay among the world's technology leaders. I am very confident that a lot more will be achieved through the efforts of all IFPEN employees.

What do you consider to be your most innovative assets?

Our proven expertise across the entire value chain, from fundamental research to industrial research and innovation, is one of our principal strengths. Through our research and resulting innovations, IFPEN supports the economic development of the energy, transport and eco-industry sectors. Our innovations are developed through industrial partnerships, the creation of subsidiaries or stakeholdings and R&I support to SMEs and start-ups specialized in the field of eco-industry. Another major strength is the strong commitment of our researchers to produce more innovations, quicker and more competitively, in line with our industrial partners’ time to market. And all this is made possible thanks to a rigorous scientific approach combined with a constant quest for industrial outlets.