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What does innovation mean to Alstom and how does it impact your business strategy?

Innovation is synonymous with value creation, both for our customers (and for the customers of our customers, i.e. the passengers) and for the company. Innovation is everyone’s business, dealing both with process, products & solutions and business models. It allows us to:

    • Match our customers’ expectations (in terms of performances of our products, systems and services) so that they can offer attractive mobility solutions to passengers.
    • Remain competitive and agile amongst fierce competition in a fast-evolving mobility business.

Innovation also has a virtue to drive energy and motivation from the internal technical community and to enable best-in-class expert recruitment in new emerging domains we seek to develop.

How do you encourage and instill a culture of innovation within your organization?

Within our organization, people expect explanations regarding our innovation strategy and positioning. Alstom has a structured network of Innovation Managers on sites. They are directly connected to the R&D and Innovation Management and have a wide freedom to act locally. Their main missions are to present and explain innovation strategy, develop innovation ecosystems, both internally and with partners (universities, suppliers, labs, incubators, etc.), and to encourage small but smart innovations, demonstrating that innovation can be accessible to anyone. This network is highly connected across sites and with other company entities through social media (chatter) to drain and share best practices. An internal challenge called I Nove You, rewards the most innovative initiatives developed within the company at the end of this process. At last, we should instill a culture of risk management both encouraging people to propose disruptive innovations (without a fear of failure) and controlling these risks especially in development and project phases.

What is it like to lead one of the world's top 100 most innovative companies?

It is an honor and an encouragement to persevere along this path but also adds additional pressure as our customers will expect Alstom more than ever to perform on the cutting edge of all aspects of innovation.

What do you consider to be your most innovative assets?

First our people and second our long-term experience which is materialized through our data asset which is the basis of our innovation capability.