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The economic downturn of 2008 and subsequent cost pressures made many companies re-think their approach to protecting innovation. Oblon had to examine how these companies were going to operate more efficiently by reinventing the processes Oblon used to provide legal services to their clients who want to conduct their patent operations more effectively. Oblon realizes that not all patents are created equal, which creates the need to manage portfolios more strategically.

This shift in thinking has led to a change in process at Oblon by placing patents into “lanes” that divide them into high, medium and low priority streams. This way, inventions are rated on the basis of patentability and future value, so they can be prioritized accordingly.

As a leader in IP law, Oblon was well positioned to take advantage of these new market opportunities and bring new value to customers in partnership with Clarivate Analytics.

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Companies want to know which are the ‘must protect’ inventions based on their technology direction and where markets are heading. But figuring out how patents align with future markets is not easy. Attorneys are good at patent work but aren’t necessarily so good at keeping an eye on market trends. We didn’t have a solution for this so we reached out to Clarivate,” Bradley D. Lytle.